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About IRC

Culture is knowledge. We live by the shared and learned information patterns that we use collectively to generate rules and meaning.

Culture is dynamic. Because culture forms around a set of learned behaviors and norms, new experience transforms our cultural perceptions.

Culture can lead to conflict. When disparate systems of cultural knowledge try to coexist in the same social environment, the unresolved cultural misunderstandings that result can lead to ineffective organizational behavior, social tension, isolation, prejudice, mistrust, discomfort, or outbursts of emotion.

Culture can be taught. Because culture forms around a set of conscious and unconscious learned behaviors and norms, new experiences, presented in a systematic way can transform our cultural perceptions and improve our everyday interactions.

Our Mission

By employing the principles of anthropology, sociology, linguistics, psychology, educational theory, and organizational behavior, IRC:

  • Produces high-quality multimedia educational and training materials designed to promote intercultural competence.
  • Produces standardized or customized assessment tools to facilitate organizational effectiveness.
  • Provides training to improve the productivity and spirit of working teams.
  • Advances organizational change through cultural fusion.
  • Links people across the classroom, across the conference table, and across the world.